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  • Negotiate professional player contracts.
  • Procure professional opportunities for players worldwide.
  • Guide the process of selecting wealth and money management.
  • Explain, educate and guide clients through the rules and process of junior hockey, cross-border agreements, the college and major junior processes, the NHL Draft, and professional free agency. 
  • Coaching and insight into how a client may improve his game to make and stay in the NHL, how NHL scouts will see him, and specific coaches and programs to undertake to reach these goals. 
  • A process of goal setting, strategy and accountability that is taken from the lives of successful NHL players, applied to wherever a client is at the current stage of his career. 

How to Choose an Agent or Advisor

When retaining the person who will use their judgment, experience, education and expertise to guide you through the most important decisions of your career, make sure to consider the following:

  • Is this agent or advisor certified by the National Hockey League Players Association? By operation of U.S. law, any person who purports to negotiate conditions of terms of employment for a player with a National Hockey League team MUST be certified by the NHLPA (the players’ union). You can check for the agent’s name at, scroll to the bottom of the page for a “Certified Player Agents.”

  • Make sure your agent or advisor is an attorney!  The NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement is over 500 pages long! And it is written in dense legalese. The Canadian Hockey League’s rules and player agreements are also densely written. The NCAA rulebook is enormous. The IIHF rules and federation agreements that apply to a player’s transfer from one country to another are a confusing maze. You would not have an insurance agent operate on your knee – so make sure you have an attorney to know, explain and enforce your rights!

Golden Knights, Kraken use Tom Lynn's Book as a Blueprint

Tom Lynn has been a respected mind in the NHL for decades, having served as an attorney for the League office and for a team, General Manager of an American Hockey League champion, and then Assistant General Manager and General Manager of the Minnesota Wild. So much so, that when he wrote a book about his experience in building a successful NHL team, it was used as a blueprint by the Vegas Golden Knights, and then the Seattle Kraken, to build their respective organizations. 


Agents have a reputation of putting their needs first, and the client’s second (or third, or fourth). Too many agents have been caught taking money on the side, or putting their clients into deals where the agent receives an undisclosed benefit.

At Veritas Hockey, we live 3 principles that guide our client relationship and our client’s decisions --- Informed, Free and Unconflicted. We inform our clients of all offers, details, rules and communications to allow him to make a free decision based on his own perceptions, not forced by his agent, and unconflicted by his agent’s own interests in the matter or money at hand. 

  • The Only NHLPA Certified Agent Also To Serve As An NHL General Manager
  • The Only NHLPA Certified Agent To Work On the Collective Bargaining Agreement as an Attorney for the League
  • We bring actual experience in over 300 player contract negotiations and countless salary arbitrations and other player grievances in support of our clients

Tom Lynn, Jamie Dial and Kyle Kosior - unparalleled experience in the business of hockey..

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Princeton, New Jersey and Grand Forks, North Dakota. Read More...